Sunday, March 02, 2014

Spring at Azure

Tried the spring four course dinner which begins on March 4 for $588.
I have always been a fan of Azure because of the breathtaking views of Hong Kong and amazing location.

The decor of Azure is fantastic with a classy bar at the end.

A cocktail of colourful and fun drinks we had that night.

Naturally I love the vibes and the people here because the Chef is British and they have a hotel in the UK too.

To start off, we had bread which a came with three butters!! Not one but a choice of three!!
There was olive, truffle and Italian tomato.

All three butters were exceptionally good.

Goat's cheese:

This was compressed watermelon which is juicier and concentrated paired with goats cheese, pistachio, truffle and olive.
As you can see, it was presented colourfully and elegantly especially the golden caviar balls and truffle powder.
The cubes of juicy watermelon and cheese were just wonderful, a sweet burst followed by savoriness of the cheese.
Minestrone di primavera:
Light spring minestrone soup with finely diced zucchini.

The soup was poured into the bowl infusing with the vegetables and light foam.
I loved this soup because it couldn't be more refreshing, I loved the tartness and richness of the tomato.

For the mains, there are three choices which we all tried:

Roasted red mullet:

Roasted Charlotte potatoes and fennel with an olive and capers salsa.
Succulent fish paired with heavily soaked fennel in alcohol which had a striking taste.

Veal saltimbocca:

Classic Italian dish with thin pan-fried veal scaloppini with sauteed spinach and prosciutto.
Even though beef is not my favourite meat, but this is the one to choose because the veal meat was soft and supple.
The prosciutto was gorgeous too because it was crispy and salty!!

Pappardelle with short rib ragu:

US beef short rib braised in red wine and beef stock with fresh tomatoes and basil.
As well as the veal, I liked this too because of the richly braised beef but the pappardelle could have been softer and more tomato and basil sauce would be good.

Chamomile mascarpone mousse:

Lime jelly infused with chamomile served with homemade honey ice-cream.
Dessert here was visually stunning as well as mouth watering especially the honey icecream which had a fragrant honey taste, and the mousse in the middle had this texture similar to marshmallow.
I finished with the orange segment last as a refreshing juicy palate cleanser.

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