Monday, March 03, 2014

Big balls!

In Cheung Chau, there are lots of places selling HUGE BALLS, oops I mean huge fish balls.
I went to this stall randomly because they had five flavours:
Curry, Green Curry, Satay, Gravy and plain.

I chose the gravy because it was not spicy.
I also had a skewer of offal as well.

Fish balls in gravy:

To me, fish balls are not really my cup of tea because I often find grounded fish bones in it and there is not more than 10% of fish in the mixture which is why it does not have any fish taste and needs sauces and more MSG in the mixture.
As I was a spolt brat, the fishballs I had were homemade which had more fish meat than flour in them.
Anyway, the fish balls here were ok, at least they did not contain any bones and they were springy and elastic.
The sauce was sweet and savoury which helped flavour the outside of the fishball and because it was so big by the time you got through to the middle there was no sauce left and it just tastes like the ordinary fish ball with a hint of sweetness but no fish taste.

Not my cup of tea because the colour of it was dull and they stank.
Something was not cleaned properly which stank out everything in the pot.
Price: $19
Service: OK
Yummy factor: ok
English Menu: no
Air Conditioning: no

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