Friday, March 21, 2014

Summer mango madness

For mango lovers, there is a new mango cake series!!!!!!

I got my hands on the Mango & Pistachio crispy mini cake which was a nice size for sharing.

Top view:
On top of the cake, there was fresh mango, mango sauce and some sweet sauce.

Side view:

On the side of the cake, it was decorated with macaron shells.
Mango & Pistachio crispy cake:
The cake has distinct layers which look really nice.

From top layer to bottom:
mango mousse
egg white cake
mango slices
pistachio mousse
golden cake
chocolate crispies

I loved the pistachio mousse because it gave a nutty flavour to the mango paired with cotton soft layers of cake.
It was refreshing to eat on a summers day with layers of cool mousse and fresh mango slices in the middle.
Look out for the Mango & Pistachio Dessert Cup for $25 with layers of mango pieces, mango jelly, pistachio mousse, sponge cake, mango pudding and mango mousse.

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