Saturday, February 02, 2013

Valentines dinner at Le Chef

I would just like to thank Le Chef for inviting me to try their Valentines dinner.

Some of the dishes on the Valentines dinner were quite nice.
The Valentine’s Day Menu is available from 13 to 14 February 2013 serving the following:


Warm Aubergine & Goat Cheese Fondant with Lime & Basil Sherbet & Wild Roquette Coulis
Foie Gras with Rhubarb & Shoga Confit
Poached Lobster Salad with Pea Coulis & Lemon Liquorice
Pumpkin Soup with Sautéed Scallop & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Beet Root Cream Soup with Sautéed Wild Mushroom & Black Truffle Oil
Australian Lamb Chop & Tenderloin Beef with Pan Fried Sweetbread, Baby Artichoke & Green Pea Puree
Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillet & Prawn in Parsley Butter Sauce with Aubergine Confit, Celeriac Fondant
Rose & Chocolate Fondant Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream
Coffee or Tea


Since my last visit, the Chef has changed and the food seems slightly better.

Assorted bread and condiments:
To accompany the bread there was Balsalmic vinegar, citrus peel oil, butter and garlic mayonnaise.
The citrus oil tasted like aromatic oil and the garlic mayonnaise was the best because it was light and had a strong garlic taste.
It tasted really similar to my favorite Arabic Thoom sauce.

Foie Gras with Rhubarb & Shoga Confit:
I was looking forward to this, especially the Rhubarb sauce but when I tried the sauce I forgot there was rhubarb in the sauce because the rhubarb taste was light and the sharpness of the rhubarb taste was not there.
The foie gras was gently pan-fried with slight crisp surface and the sauce paired nicely with the foie gras, but it would be great if the rhubarb taste was stronger.
Poached Lobster Salad with Pea Coulis & Lemon Liquorice:
The lobster salad was quite decent because the lobster was not shredded and you can see the actual claw meat and tail meat as well.
The lobster was fresh and springy but the pea coulis tasted exactly like mashed peas but it was slightly dry.
When I saw lemon liquorice on the menu, I thought it was going to be a vinaigrette but I was so surprised it was pieces of Chinese style preserved Lemon and liquorice snacks that people eat.
Beet Root Cream Soup with Sautéed Wild Mushroom & Black Truffle Oil:
This soup was really delicious. At first I wasn't sure if the paring of mushrooms and beetroot would go together but the chef has skillfully sauteed the mushrooms prior to adding it in the soup, so the mushroom flavour was at its max.
The beet root soup was stunning too as it was bright magenta however the black truffle oil was not that apparent.
The wild mushrooms had a nice earthy taste and there were lots of mushrooms in it.
Australian Lamb Chop & Tenderloin Beef with Pan Fried Sweetbread, Baby Artichoke & Green Pea Puree:
The green pea puree was the same as the above and it was a bit dry, but there was delicious gravy with mushrooms.
The potato was pressed with heart shaped cutters giving nice decorative edible hearts in the main dish, however they were slightly too hard.
The beef was slightly stringy with quite a few tendons and it also had a really strong charred taste.
It was also strange because I could smell and taste Parmesan cheese on the beef.
The lamb chop was nice and tender and there was no gaminess.
There were also two pieces of sweetbread [the pancreas (stomach sweetbread) or the thymus gland (neck or throat sweetbread) of an animal, used for food] which tasted like chicken because it was very tender.
Hopefully when they next serve it there could be more baby artichokes and green pea puree as I could not find it or see it on the plate.
Rose & Chocolate Fondant Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream:
The fondant did not really ooze out, but as for the taste the rose was not that strong which was good because I do like eat rose.
Overall the fondant cake was a bit dense and it was similar to eating a brownie.
The rose petals were quite pretty because they were crystallized with sugar.

The meal is priced at $488 for one, $888 for two, $1288 for three and $1588 for four people.

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