Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Denmark hotdogs now available in TST

I am not fond of their Hong Kong style hot dogs compared to the ones at Wing Lok Yuen, but just tried it because I was in TST.
On my last visit to the CWB branch I forgot to add extra cheese to my hot dog, so this time decided to try it with extra cheese.

I wanted the single sausage hotdog so that I could taste the cheese more but the woman at the counter was really pushy that I had to have two sausages costing an extra $3 for the sausage.
Not only was she pushy, she did that to the rest, so you have to be firm with her and give her FIRM instructions what you want only!

It makes me wonder if there are less customers at this location if they are being pushy because at the CWB shop they were much nicer.

Hot dog:
The usual sweet bun with gritty sausages and sloppy melted cheese.
Not my cup of tea, especially the sweet bun with savoury frankfurters.
The patty was not cooked in the middle.
Fried chicken leg:
Tasteless and dry.

Price: $47
Service: Pushy - greedy for money
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: not my cup of tea
Sweetness levels: very sweet
MSG levels: slight
Napkins provided: no
English Menu: no

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