Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dessert in the great Ching dynasty

I have walked past this dessert place so many times but I have never noticed it.

After having a lovely dinner, this dessert place suddenly stood out that night so we went there.

The decor inside was really special, I felt like I was in one of the Chinese dynasties but I do not know which one as I have never studied Chinese history.
Anyway, as this dessert place is called Ching Ching Dessert, which is why I keep thinking it is the Ching Dynasty because of those bamboo matts and the Chinese characters.

There was one modern element to this place, the clock, and that was interesting too!
The choice of desserts were good good too, I thought they were going to be very traditional but they had snowflake ice as well.

In the end I chose the ginger tea because it had toasted rice and I also chose the dumplings in custard sauce.
Dumplings in custard sauce:
Usually Chinese dessert dumplings are filled with custard and in some sweet watery soup.
The ones here looked like gnocchi in cheese sauce!
Anyway, the custard sauce was piping hot, so it tastes better when it has cooled down.
The custard sauce was surprisingly light and whipped, it was foamed up which was interesting because this is more of a Western cooking technique.
The dumplings were just right as well and not too soft and when they were eaten with the custard sauce, it was a perfect match.
Ginger tea with crispy brown rice:
I liked this one because there was crispy brown rice on the top.
The ginger tea was very spicy and I liked the brown rice because it gave it hints of roasted aroma to it.

On a second visit, the restaurant annoyed me, because my friend could not finish one of her desserts, and they offered to put it in a bowl and let her take it away but they did not mention the extra charges for the bowl.
Initially you would think they are being nice but it was more money.
As with most Chinese people, there are always reasons behind for favours.

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