Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get your tastebuds ready for Avocado lush cake

Avocado is classified as a savory fruit and used mostly for salads and guacamole.

The only time I have had it sweet was the Indonesian Apokat drink which is avocado and syrup.

When I saw this cake, I initially thought it was Green tea or pistachio because of the green colour, however when I saw the label Avocado lush, I was quite surprised and I wonder how the locals will react to it.

I wasn't quite sure how this was going to taste because Avocado itself it quite heavy and rich alone.
For fun, I have tried eating avocado with plain sugar and it was quite nice.

Breadtalk is from Singapore, so their creations are likely to be influenced by countries near it such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Avocado lush: When I tried it, the cake was not as heavy as I imagined it to be because there was no real avocado in it.
I believe they used avocado syrup or essense.
The taste of the avocado was not that strong and the cake whole tasted quite complicated because it was slightly bitter as well as sweet, and there were crispy pieces as well as chewy pieces in between the mousse.
I think I prefer the cake without those extra crispy pieces because they have made it too complicated.
Although the taste is not describable, I would not mind buying this again because it tasted quite nice.
Orange tea spa
This cake was quite refreshing and the orange taste was strong.
The raspberry and orange were really nice together and I liked the orange jelly with the chocolate cake.
Claypot chicken
Label description: 1 cup + 1 cup + 1 cup = three cup chicken.
This was a savoury bun and I was attracted to it because of the filling and it was black!
The bun was surrounded with crispy strands.
The filling was really nice with a strong basil taste.
It was definitely good eating something different.

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