Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flames of chicken in East Soho

While there is FLAME in Wan Chai, there is now FLAMES in Chai Wan.
Initially I thought they were similar because the logos are both light blue (according to the cover photo on their FB page, however the FLAMES here is in lower case Italics.)

The red and black on the menu and the chairs reminded me of Kramp house, and the logo on the black menu reminded me of La Rotisserie in Sheung Wan.
It was a must try for me because they serve CHICKEN SALT AND CHIPS.

Chicken salt is an Australian product which I never heard of in the UK, but found out after meeting some Australians!

I suppose this is the only reason I like Hong Kong because food from other countries will suddenly appear and since HK is a small place you do not have to travel far to try it.

It is good that rotisserie equipment is getting cheaper these days so there will be more rotisseries around when potential business seekers see that roast chicken is not that difficult to serve!

Anyway, Hong Kong is also a good place for trend setters and followers because news travels fast!

Flames is located in the nice end of Quarry bay behind some Western bars with alfresco dining.
There was a large counter of roast chickens, sides and sauces where people can see before they order.
Salads and side dishes
Chips and grilled vegetables
There are basically two types of chicken: Charcoal chicken with stuffing or Charcoal flat chicken.

The Charcoal chicken with stuffing is a whole chicken stuffed with stuffing and roasted.
charcoal chicken with stuffing
charcoal chicken with stuffing
The charcoal flat chicken is a whole chicken cut in the middle and flattened before roasting and this one is slightly spicy.
charcoal flat chicken
charcoal flat chicken
There were various of sets, which was chicken served with a choice of rice, chips, or salad.
The chicken comes in halves or quarters.

As I wanted to try the couscous and chips, I ordered both of the chickens with each as a set.
The set does not include a drink, but you can add a drink for a few dollars.
For the daily special drinks they had chrysanthemum tea or Lemon tea.

Charcoal chicken with stuffing, Mexican couscous and pumpkin, baby spinach and cheese salad:
The chicken was succulent and juicy and beneath the chicken was generous stuffing.
There was sweet gravy as well which gave the chicken more moisture and the lovely stuffing beneath the chicken was packed with herbs and during the roasting, it had absorbed the chicken juices so it was very flavourful.
For stuffing lovers, you don't have to wait till Christmas!smile
The couscous was slightly bland because I thought it was going to be spicy but it was not. The couscous and the salad were nice and light and complemented the chicken, but for chicken lovers I suggest that one person could probably eat half a chicken because a quarter is not that big.

charcoal flat chicken with chicken salt and chips:
I was really looking forward to this because it was my first encounter with chicken salt, however the chicken salt was not that strong and I could not taste any chicken powder although you can visually see it on the chips.
As for the chicken, it was slightly spicy and it seemed to have paprika powder on it, there was a side of creamy sauce which was very spicy too.

Overall, I really enjoyed the chicken and I will be back because the atmosphere and location is great.
As they have just opened, there is a 20% discount from the bill.
They are also giving away 20% discount cards selectively to selected people, so obviously I did not get one sad

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