Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Food at S-Yoco ( Tin Hau )

Luckily I was too lazy to make the trip to Tsuen Wan because at that time they had closed down to relocate to Tin Hau.

After looking at the menu, it appears the choices food range has been compacted to the most popular items which reduced my headache for choosing what to eat, but it was still a headache because most of the items were the ones I wanted to try.
However they do not serve the lemon chicken burger or the purple potato sandwich which used to be served at the TW branch.

On the first week that they opened, it seems that the new shop was manned by a group of young guys which look different to the people shown on the reviews for the TW branch.

They seemed to be Chinese expats possibly from the US.

The decor is similar to the Tsuen wan Branch with bright logos and decor.
Basically, there is a bar table and there are six stalls available.
All the food ordered is freshly prepared and made to serve.
As well as the food I was looking forward to their cute and unique packaging, which was how I noticed their Tsuen Wan Branch.
In the end, after struggling to decide what to order, I ordered the veggie egg wrap, sweet potato pancake and a burger.
They also had vegetarian options too which was thoughtful of them!

Veggie egg wrap:
The wrap pastry for this was interesting, it was slightly elastic and similar the Vietnamese white pancakes (Bánh cuốn), however the taste was amazing.
It had a strong pepper taste and the egg inside it was well cooked without any oily taste and the sauce that they gave complemented the wrap well.
The sauce was garlic and soy sauce which actually looked like a clear sweet syrup but it was not.
Taiwanese ham burger (Sage's ham):
I am quite puzzled why this is called Sage's ham as I could not taste any sage in it.
Anyway the appearance of the ham was interesting, it was similar to a slice of luncheon ham, but the taste was far better.
The best thing about the burgers here is the bun, it is a wheat bun, and the whole bun was delicious because it was toasted well that it was crispy on the outside and the soft on the inside.
The sesame which I usually hate was delicious as well because it was toasted golden and you can actually taste the sesame aroma.
In the burger there was a delicious concoction so sauces that was really delicious.
Sweet potato pancake:
I thought this was going to be similar to an Indian Roti, but it was not, however it had so many layers like a roti.
The pancake had lots of sweet potato in it and it was nice and chewy too.

Since this shop was opened since 2009 and made their way from Tsuen Wan to the city, I was expecting their food to be good, otherwise they would not have made it this far, but the food tasted far better than I expected and I hope to try their other burgers ASAP~

Usually I avoid Taiwanese food because the HongKongised version is alway sweet but the food here was not really sweet and it was savoury as you would expect it to be.

It fun was dining here because it was directly under a bridge/highway, usually I don't notice it because I walk directly into the restaurant on this road!

Hopefully once their operations are smooth, they will add back the choices they previously had.
At the moment, there is a slight wait for the food, so don't all flock here at once, but the food is irresistible so I don't think anyone can resist!

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