Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A very eggy rice roll @ Happy Welcome Restaurant

I never knew that you could get egg rice rolls, but I recently read Ivy's review about this rice roll place in Wan Chai that serves rice rolls with egg in it.

When I walked past this place, I saw a picture of rice rolls with preserved egg and egg so I decided to try that.

Apart from preserved egg, there were so many other choices for rice rolls.
Next time I am going to try the famous one nearby, but they only open during the evening.
Preserved egg and egg rice roll:
I was slighty disappointed with this because the preserved egg was a bit hard and tasteless. The egg on the other hand was really nice and had strong egg taste.
After putting lots of soya sauce on it, the rice roll tasted really nice.
Since the rice rolls were tasteless, it would be great if they made preserved egg and salted egg rice roll!
Other interesting dishes:

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