Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crowds and crowds of people for fish and chips

Back for more fish and chips before they introduce the new menu after the Chinese New Year!
Business here is plain sailing.
I ordered the fish and chips and a pineapple ring.

The deep fried oreo reminded of the oreo fritters at the Striphouse.
I would have tried that as well but I had the pineapple ring instead.

fish and chips:
They have used a fish similar to cod so the texture is really nice with big flakes.
The batter is not as thick as it looks!!
With the salt and vinegar on the fish and chips it tastes really good.
Pineapple ring:
The pineapple ring was really nice however it was difficult to eat because of the structure of the pineapple.
But it was really good that it was unsweetened.
Seafood basket:
This was basically a skewer with prawns, squid and a piece of fish.
I felt that this tasted so much nicer than the whole piece of fish as there was more variety.
the presentation of the skewer was quite cute too because the skewer was battered as well!

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