Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thai desserts @ RA CHA MOO YANG

Walked past and saw these attractive Thai snacks which I got.
I do not know what they are and they could not quite explain what they were so I will just have to describe how it tastes.
Cute sandwich:
The small bag contained lots of mini individually wrapped sandwiches which were three pieces of bread sandwiched together.
There was sweet spread in the middle which was very buttery but not too sweet.
Mini donuts:
The donuts were also cute so I got them as well.
Although they look like donuts they were not and tasted like pancakes formed in a doughnut mould.
These were slightly sweet and a bit too dry.
Jasmine cubes:
I wasnt quite sure what these were but they had strong Jasmine taste and in the middle there was some starchy filling which was similar to egg yolk/mung beans.

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