Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hot-Star Chicken coating harder than bone

I have always wanted to try this place but the branch in MK is really busy and there is not really a place where you can stop and eat in MK as well as consuming it with lovely second hand smoke as well.
Anyway, walked past this branch and the fried chicken "looked" quite nice behind the counter, the coating was golden as if it was just done.
Anyway, I just ordered a piece of fried chicken drumstick to see if their chicken was good.
I assumed they were already done as there were lots by the counter.But they were fried again when you ordered, so the coating was mega hard!
Fried chicken leg:
I was not pleased that it was fried again because it means that there is more oil and it smells, hence the spices they put on it.
The coating itself was salty enough and did not need those spices.
Anyway, the coating was really hard so I whacked some stuff with the chicken leg and to my surprise it still did not crack.

I started eating it and found that the bone was broken before it was cooked, which explains why the coating was so hard to hold the broken bone together and act like a plaster cast!!!
Anyway, the advantage of that super hard coating was that it can be fried many times and the chicken inside would still be juicy and soft because the oil cannot get through it.
As for the taste, I found it too salty and the coating was crunchy, hard and thick, and it was about 2mm thick too.
On a positive note, the chicken was still juicy thanks to the coating!

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