Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Salmon specialist as well as chicken @ 一流一海南雞外賣專門店

This shop was opened late last year.

From the outside, it looks like a small snack shop selling fish shaomai and chiuchow dumplings but when you go in, there are a few tables.

On there walls, there are so many dishes that they do.
Although this place specializes in Chicken, I felt that their Salmon dishes were much better.
This restaurant is small and looks like one of those hole in a wall restaurants, and strangely they serve Salmon dishes in a Chinese style shop.

Salmon fried rice:
As well as pieces of salmon, there was salmon skin in it which gave the fried rice a nice fishy taste.
The fried rice was well done because some of the rice were crispy.
I think the secret to this is the fish skin because it is sticky and chewy which gives the rice more depth.
Panfried salmon with spring onions and ginger puree on rice:
This tasted even better than the fried rice because the salmon came with the skin which was nice and crispy.
However I found it slightly too oily, but the ginger and spring onions complemented it nicely.
The steak was thinner than normal because they probably sliced some of the salmon off to cook other stuff, but they give you three slices to compensate that.
Pork dumplings in tomato and fish soup:
The broth for this was delicious and made of salmon, it was spicy as well.
When I asked them if it was salmon broth, she was very secretive and did not want to admit they used Salmon because she said its too expensive to use Salmon, but I got the impressive she thought I was stealing her recipe!
I felt the salmon taste was stronger than the tomato.
Set with scrambled egg and salmon, macaroni and toast:
This set only costs $28 which is a bargain because you get salmon scrambled egg, although the salmon is not top quality but it was delicious, especially the egg which tasted really nice.
The presentation is not that good, but it tastes better than it looks.
Hainan style chicken with rice:
Although this was their signature dish I felt that the salmon dishes fared better.
The chicken and rice were just average.
The beach:
The beach
The beach
The name sounds strange but in Chinese it is called "sa taan something", as well as this, they had "chung leng" chicken, bathing chicken.
Anyway, this was plain pork chop, ham and egg with curry sauce and rice and it was simple but nice.

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