Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get your jazzed up hot dog at J-dog

Previously went to the Tai Hang branch.
There are now two branches.

The second J-dog is in Wan Chai where Meilee used to be and very close to the MTR station.
Here they have more seats and better sitting arrangement even though it is quite small.
Basically the decor is the same with the large vending machine outside.
The ordering counter is near the entrance and after you have paid, you collect food at the the food counter.
There are so many different types of hot dogs and they even have the real ones displayed.
Noki Dog:
I chose this one because it was just crab meat and roe.
The crabmeat was surimi and there was cucumber in it too.
It was a nice light hotdog to eat similar to having Japanese crab roe salad in a bun.
I just felt that the bun was not soft enough.
Scrambled egg and chicken:
There was not much egg or chicken in this, and the portion was dinky which explains its price for $20.
The taste was the usual sweet teriyaki taste.
Deep fried scallops:
Again it was surimi meat, but for $16 I do not expect it be real scallops.
I wish there was some sauce because it was a bit dry.

They have starfruit punch (carambole punch) on the menu, but it now seems to have been discontinued because there is a big cross on it sad
For takeaways, they have a huge cute paper bag for these hot dogs.

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