Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Roasted hazelnut hot chocolate drink

Walked past and saw the soft-serve ice-cream was on promotion for $6 so went in for it.

When I was ordering it, I saw the hot chocolate so I ordered that as well.
I got the Roasted hazelnut hot chocolate drink
Ice cream:
The vanilla taste was strong and the soft serve texture was nice and airy, similar to Kashayao.
Roasted hazelnut hot chocolate drink:
When I removed the lid, the smell of hazelnut was strong.
The hot chocolate was rather watery and did not taste milky at all. After finishing the drink, I realised they put real chocolate in the drink and not chocolate powder.
I tried the chocolate that was not melted and it hard pieces of hazelnut in it.
Even though it was watery, it tasted quite nice because it did not taste powdery.

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