Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New dessert shop that has pickles as well

To be honest, I only noticed this dessert shop because I was curious to see what the new shop would be after Yat Woon Min closed down.
I was even more intrigued when I saw two jars of pickles on the counter because I have never seen a dessert shop do pickles as well.
Anyway, decided to go in and try some desserts, in the kitchen area, there was lots of containers.
The tables were really nice with flower patterns which reminded me of Fruyo factory.
While I was waiting for the desserts, the staff was really nice to let me try their pickles.
They were really hygienic too because they wore gloves.
It was pickled Chinese radish and papaya.
I liked the Chinese radish because it was sour but the papaya was not pickled long enough so it did not taste that sour, and they used lots of sugar in it so it tasted quite sweet as well.

There was lots of desserts to choose from, however the font was quite small and there was no English.
They even had hokkaido ice-cream.
Ginger soup with flour balls:
When this came, I was surprised to see they put those black pearls that are found in Taiwanese teas because I thought they were going to be mini dumplings.

I asked what the difference was the between dumplings and black pearls on the menu and they said the black pearls are actually Thai basil seeds. (item 1100 and 1098).

Anyway, the dessert was interesting, it was like having ginger flavoured pearl tea!
Ginger soup with sesame filled dumpling:
The ginger soup tasted the same as the previous one and the ginger was very spicy.
As for the dumplings, the menu claims the filling is liquid but it is not and on the receipt it does not say it is liquid.
(see menu above : item 1069)
In conclusion both desserts were nice but slightly too sweet, and I will be back for more pickled Chinese radish.

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