Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lion's Mane Mushroom and Lingzhi soup

There are two Indonesian joints on this street and this joint specialises in Grilled satay skewers.
As it has a prominent position being the first on that road, it becomes very busy.

There were lots of customers there, however it feels like being in a Hong Kong market trying to order because there is no orderly queue and if your not aggressive enough the people behind you will order regardless of you being infront of them.

I really wanted to try the satay skewers but I wasnt sure if I could get a seat and they can get messy if you do not have any tissues.
In the end I ordered a soup because it was really odd seeing this soup in an Indonesian joint.
I will save the satay skewers for my next visit.

Lingzhi and Lion's mane mushroom soup:
In Chinese the mushroom is called "hautaugoo" which basically means monkey head mushroom.
Before I got the soup I did not know what it looked like but when I saw it, I could not see the slightest resemblance it has to a monkey's head.

After googling it, this mushroom is also called a Lion's mane or pom pom mushroom which both I can relate to.
In the soup you can see the mushroom and it does look like a pom pom and a cartoonized lions mane.
There was also pork, carrots, and sweetcorn in it as well but I could not see the Lingzhi.
The taste of the soup was slightly bitter so I wonder if it was the Lingzhi.
The soup was quite nice and you could also taste the sweetcorn and carrots.
I ate the mushroom and the texture was meaty which is why they use this to imitate meat in vegetarian dishes.

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