Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Muzi Muzi Muzi Muzi Muzi Muzi Muzi Muzi

This dessert shop has been around for quite a while but the branch locations were inconvenient.

Finally they have a new branch at DOMAIN which is right above the MTR station so I went in late December because they were supposed to open on Christmas Day.
However when I got there, it was not opened yet and they finally opened in mid-January.

I wished I had checked OpenRice before my visit because the English on the menu is slightly weird.
It is best to refer to the product shots for a rough idea.

The menu did not have the ice glutinous dumplings that I was hoping to try (bing juong).
The average dessert costs around 2X which is quite cheap.

I ordered the Yu yuan with matcha smoothie and the Toddy palm seed and mini sago with tofu noodles.
Yu yuan with matcha smoothie:
I honestly thought that this was a drink, but smoothie means ICE-CREAM in Muzi terms!
The matcha icecream, dumplings were in red bean soup which could have been presented slightly better.
However I ordered the wrong dessert because I do not like red bean.
Toddy palm seed and mini sago with tofu noodles:
This was ok, the tofu icecream and tofu noodles had a really strong soya bean taste.
The taste is exactly the same as the soymilk drinks you get at shanghai noodle shops.
I will come again after checking OpenRice to try other items.

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