Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Purrr-fect teafoggato and matcha chocolate fondant

I love dining at this place because the food and drinks are good and there is Mithu.

This time I had the new matcha chocolate fondant, tofu burger and the Teafoggato (which is not on the menu).

Teafoggato - off menu itemtongue:
This is not on the menu but it shown on the banner outside with a lovely product shot.
It is always fun and delicious with ice-cream in drinks.
Basically there was a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with a jug of hot matcha and you pour it onto the icecream.
The original version is coffee but since I do not drink coffee I had to try the this.
I loved the taste of green tea mixed with sweet vanilla icecream.
matcha chocolate Fondant:
This is their newest dessert in the range and it was so delicious I wanted another one.
To avoid disappointment, it is advised to reserve one by phone.
The matcha chocolate fondant tastes a million times better than the original chocolate.
It is so much lighter with a nice tea taste to it.
The fondant in the middle was so delicious with a hint of chocolate taste.
It is really impressive that they are made by them and not sourced from suppliers.
Tofu sandwich:
The sandwich I had on a previous visit was similar to this but this time it had tofu instead of egg.
Although their egg is delicious, the tofu version was good as well because it is not as heavy as egg.
Tofu burger:
The slab of tofu in the burger was generous and thick and I loved the simple grilled cheese on top with ketchup.
The burger was nice because the ingredients were simple which is better than other tofu burgers where they make it complicated and messy to eat as well.
Vegetarian breakfast:
Basically it is same as any breakfast but the sausages and luncheon meat are vegetarian.
Banana cake:
The banana cake was nice served with icecream and the top was slightly chewy which was interesting.
Matcha Yoyo Australian style:
Although I am not Australian I still liked it.
The filling was interesting because it is similar to soft icing and the biscuit part was nice and buttery.
matcha loaf:
I never tried this before but this was also delicious that it must be reserved by phone.
Had it been served cold, it would have been a different story.
Initially I thought they were served at room temperature and the texture was firm, but when it came, the matcha loaf was hot and soft as cotton.
The green tea smell was even more fragrant and it tasted really nice with whipped cream.
matcha white chocolate drink - hot:
After it cooled down it tasted nicer because I could taste all the flavours.
The pairing of white chocolate and matcha was really nice because the white chocolate is creamy and goes well with the grassyness of the matcha.
After trying the new cakes, I can't wait to try more new cakes soon.
I still have not tried the green tea noodles yet.
It would be great if they had matcha sponge with matcha custard, matchaforest, matcha creme mille feuille or matcha roly poly in the future!

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