Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Children's egg white dessert @ Lung Fung Cafe

On my last visit they had a large egg white dessert that was served after nine and you would need quite a few people to share the dessert.
However this time I walked past they had a junior version of the dessert for $39 so I decided to try it.

It was really good because they had a variety of choices for the egg white dessert such as red beans, green beans, mixed fruit, grass jelly, coco de nata and pineapple.
In the end I chose grass jelly.
Junior egg white dessert with grass jelly:
When it came, it was a bowl containing a scoop of dreyer's vanilla icecream (acc to the menu) at the bottom surrounded with grass jelly and topped with whipped egg white.
Compared to the large version, the whipped egg white was not baked but I wonder if it was meant to be baked.

It was decorated with cocoa powder and chocolate syrup.

Overall the taste was really nice and not too sweet because the icecream and whipped egg white complimented the grass jelly nicely.
It was an interesting pairing of Chinese jelly with western dessert elements.


There is now a branch in Wan Chai which I have not checked out yet, but it would be interesting if they were located next to the other Lung Fung restaurant near the historic blue house.

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