Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Double trouble when the devil meets the pink angel

One day, Maxim's came up with the chiffon series, The devil, The Angel and The pink Angel.

They are basically chiffon cakes: Devil (chocolate), Angel (white), Pink Angel (Pink).
Tried Maxim's chiffon series which was basically a chiffon cake covered in cream.

Devil (chocolate): Overall this cake was quite nice, but the chocolate taste did not taste chocolatey, the cocoa taste was stronger.
Pink Angel:
This cake tasted better than I expected because I assumed the pink cream would be strawberry flavoured and would taste artificial.

However the pink cream was not flavoured and tasted like normal sweet cream but obviously not whipped with fresh milk.

The cake inside however was really nice and in between there was some caramel filling.
There were also pieces of freeze dried strawberries to decorate.

In conclusion, the Pink Angel was as sweet as heaven and the Devil lost in the taste battle so it can go back to hell!

End of story!

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