Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Japanese nostalgia teaset @ Nippon Sushi Dining

Came here to check out the Japanese nostalgia!

Frankly this Japanese cartoon would be a laugh in the Western world because of the name!

The restaurant is decorated like a Japanese train carriage and it is all pink and girly.
The star of this cartoon series is called " CREAMY MAMI"

The name itself sounds a bit fishy!

Anyway, tried the tea sets which cost $68 each including a drink.

There was only two to choose from.
For drinks there was only grape soda or coffee, so if you didn't like either then your screwed!

Strawberry roll:
The roll was nice and soft but I felt that there was too much coloring.
In the middle was sweetened fake cream as well.
The macaron garnishing was probably the most expensive item on the plate, but macarons are getting cheaper to manufacture these days especially when they use cheaper ingredients.
The chocolate plate was held by fake pink cream and the chocolate tasted really cheap.
Pancake with fruit:
I thought this was over priced because it was an ordinary pancake filled with artificial cream and canned fruit.
I don't really drink coffee but the caffeine in it was quite strong.

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