Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Greyhound afternoon tea set deal

At Greyhound, the coconut crepe and the Greyhound style lemon tea is a must try item.
For the tea set that is served in the afternoon, you can choose any cake served with their Greyhound lemon tea for $68.
Coconut crepe:
The price of this crepe is $78 per slice on its own so it is cheaper ordering the tea set.
The crepe was covered in cream which was lovely and light and it was slightly sweetened but not too sweet.
In between the crepe layers there was delicious pieces of young coconut.
It reminds me of the buko pie but this one is nicer because it is not so sweet.
BUKO PIE (coconut pie):
On top the crepe there was a piece of water chestnut served in the Tub Tim Krob dessert.
Basically the waterchestnut had some gel covering it on the outside and it was colored red which definitely tasted better than a cherry on top!
Overall the cake was delicious, however the size was just a tad smaller than the usual ones and there was slightly less coconut meat in the middle.
Greyhound style lemon tea:
The lemon tea here is so different.
When it is served, there is a glass containing some freshly squeezed lemon juice and tea cubes (frozen tea in ice-cube form) so that the tea does not get diluted.
Pity I didnt get a chance to take a photo of that.
Then they poured the rest of the tea in the glass with the tea cubes and lemon juice.
Since the lemon juice is at the bottom you need to stir it well.
After stirring the lemon tea tastes really nice with natural lemon taste without the bitterness.
However comparing it to the branch in Central and Kowloon Tong it did not taste that nice because there was strong lemongrass in it.

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