Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dutch baby: An exclusive at Hong Kong's Wired Cafe

I would just like to thank the communications team for inviting me to try their Dutch oven pancakes.

Prior to this visit, I have already tried it twice especially for their Dutch oven pancakes, once at Hysan place for their sweet Dutch pancake and the other time at this branch for their savoury pancake.

At the TST branch, it is more casual and serves more desserts for people to sit down and have a break.
It is right next to some Japanese gift shops which sells quite a lot of nifty gadgets and household objects.
At this tasting, we tried two rices, two sweet and savoury pancakes.
Their pancakes have tempura mixture added to it to give it a better texture and taste.
Mushroom and tomato pancake:
This was nice and the mushroom was quite substantial however the tomatoes could be more tangy and for more flavour there could have been olives.
Prosciutto and cheese pancake:
This was my favourite because the prosciutto was wafer thin and soft, its saltyness and the pancake tasted nice together.
The pancake was crispy on the sides and soft at the base.
It would have been nice if they had guerkins in this as well.
Gapao rice :
When this came, I was instantly reminded of Nasi Goreng because of the presentation of the rice, minced meat, and prawn crackers.
Basically, it was minced chicken cooked with basil and chili and it was amazingly delicious because the spicyness of the chilis were just right complemented by rice.
King taco rice:
When I first saw the poster for this, I didn't quite know what it was because the name was so Mexican but it looked like a salad.
This dish is surprisingly an Okinawan dish!!
Anyway it was rice topped with chili con carne surrounded by salad with lovely cheddar cheese sprinkled on top.
The cheese and spices smell really nice when it is just done and the chili con carne beneath it is piping hot.
After mixing it together it was so delicious because the salad balances out the chili con carne and they have also put a sauce on it which tastes similar to sour cream but better.
Chocolate banana whipped cream pancake: For banana and chocolate lovers this is a perfect dessert.
Mixed berry custard pancake: This pancake was really delicious, it was topped with delicate berries which were lovely and tart.
The generous cream on the pancake was nice with the tart berries, however I could not taste the custard.
Perrier with raspberry:
This was basically perrier with raspberry syrup.
I liked it because you mix it yourself and the raspberry taste was refreshing.
Lime and kiwi lassi:
Usually you get mango lassi, but here they have lime with kiwi which is not that sour.
Improvements and suggestions:
Overall I liked the Dutch oven pancakes but I felt that if the pancake base for the savoury ones were not sweetened then it would be perfect.
The tomatoes in the tomato and mushroom pancake could have been more tangy.

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