Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Macarons @ Nicole La Patissiere

After the tasting dinner, Ivy and Mjqueen7e surprised us with some sweets from Nicole La Patissiere.

It was a lovely coincidence that they both bought from there on the same day but at different times.
Macaron Chloe – Chocolate:
The filling for the chocolate was lovely and strong with a heavy cocoa taste.
Macaron Charlotte – Orange:
The filling was similar to orange creme and quite citrus and refreshing.
Macaron Citron Praline – Lemon:
The lemon was nice and refreshing with a zesty lemon taste.
I did not try this because it was floral flavoured.
This was their homemade candied orange peel dipped with dark chocolate.
They were shaped like sticks coated in chocolate and the centre was a bit like jellied orange which had a nice twist.

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