Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Part Two: Vroom Vroom with Fiat Italian food !!

Thanks to the lovely cheerful team at Fiat for inviting me to try their new Italian dishes.
I have previously dined at Fiat when they opened last year.

At this tasting session, we tried most of the new signature items.

Seared tuna, cauliflowers, almonds, hazelnut oil, lemon dressing:
I loved this salad because it tangy seared tuna balanced by the delicious hazelnuts.
Not many salads have hazelnuts so this was a real treat.
The cauliflower was nice and soft and there were crispy pieces of bread that add crisp to the salad.
Slow cooked cod fish, mixed capers, shallots, lemon, fried garlic and herbs:
This salad was green and grassy which brought out the flavour of the cod.
The cod is sliced thinly and tasted really nice with the salad.
The red leaves in the salad gave it a nice visual touch.
Portobello mushrooms, castelmagno cheese, artichoke, mint and fava beans: This was my favourite because it had all my favourite items.
The mushroom was nicely grilled and extremely juicy, the cheese was very crumbly and floury but not that cheesy.
Polpette meat balls with extra rich tomato sauce, rice shaped pasta and chopped parsley:
This was one of my favourites because the rice shaped pasta was delicious. It was similar to eating rice but it was slightly softer and al-dente.
The tomato sauce was rich and tangy too with lots of parsley too and paired nicely with the minced meat balls.
“Cacio e pepe” spaghetti, black pepper, pecorino cheese and olive oil:
The appearance of this was interesting, the spaghetti was contained in a dish that was made of fried cheese.
It is similar to the chinese taro nest made of grated taro, but here it was grated cheese made into a bowl.
The spaghetti was heavily spiced with black pepper which balanced out the cheesyness of the cheese.
Blue mussels, white wine, onion and parsley:
The mussels were plump and fresh and not the frozen ones.
The white wine sauce was full of flavour and made every mussel a star.
Peaches, Galliano syrup, whipped vanilla cream and almonds:
To end the gorgeous meal, this dessert was light and dreamy especially the whipped vanilla cream and the crunchy almonds.
Affogatto, Italian lady finger bisciuits, orange mascarpone:
This was delicious and the alcohol in this was really strong and the affogatto concoction was extremely creamy.
Honey figs margarita:
I have never tried a drink with figs so this was worth trying and it was non-alcoholic too.
When it came, it was pink garnished with a sprig of mint on top.
I was worried it would be quite sweet but it turned out really nice with crushed figs at the bottom of the drink.
The drink was really refreshing and not syrupy followed by the lovely fizzyness of the carbonated water.
Home marinated limes, cinnamon, cloves, cane sugar:
For cinnamon lovers, the cinnamon taste and smell is strong and very different to cinnamon powder.
They serve a whole cinnamon stick/quill in the drink. The marinated lime was not sour and the drink was quite sweet as a whole.
Tea by Forte:
Compared to my previous visit, the tea is now served in a ceramic cup and not in a tall glass which is an improvement and brings out the full tea flavour.

Fiat is part of the Swire group where they take catering seriously, and it is really nice to have casual Italian food every now and again in a fun environment.

However for improvements, the table could be more spacious.

The salt and pepper grinders and the cutlery holder seem to take up some space on the table.
Since my last visit, this seems to be the only improvement I want to see because their food is great.

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