Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Indonesian Hakka style Bakmi Singkawang noodles

The design of this joint looks different and not very local.
This shop is opened by Chinese expats who lived in Indonesia.

As well as Indonesian food, they also cater for the locals because they have the noodles in bags where you can choose ingredients and sauces to put in it.
Initially I was attracted to this place because of the Martabak manis (sweet cakes) for $7 on the flyer and then I saw the noodles (Bakmi Singkawang) so I tried that as well.
They had some stools infront of their shop for people to dine there.
It seems that all the shops on that street have temporary stools and tables for people to eat there.
Bakmi Singkawang:
When I ordered the noodles they asked if I wanted it spicy, so I just asked for it to be mild.
Basically the noodles have beanshoots, roast pork, pork strips, spring onions, fish patty slices and pork patty slices.
There is pork because these noodles are eaten by Chinese expats in Indonesia.
When it came, each ingredient was neatly placed on the noodles.

I loved the way how each ingredient was thinly sliced which made it more appetizing especially the roast pork, fish patties and prawn patties .
It was really good the roast pork and pork strips were lean but not dry.
Each element was fully flavoured.
The noodles are Jook-sing noodles so they did not have that alkaline taste.
The noodles were lovely and soft and tasted really nice with the pork slices and spring onions. The prawn patty slices were the best because they were slighty crispy.
Usually I do not like the beanshoots, but the beanshoots here were really nice, each beanshoot was plump and juicy and there was no grassy taste.
Although it was delicious I found it a tad spicy.
Martabak manis:
These sweet cakes looked like the pancakes at Nam ah 1964 but they are different.
They were like a combination of crumpets and silver dollar pancakes, the outside was like a silver dollar pancake but the middle was like a crumpet with capillaries.
There was peanut, coconut and sugar in the middle so it was similar to eating Chinese waffles with peanut butter.
Overall it was nice but I found it too sweet.
They also have a set for the cake which comes with drinks but they were Hong Kong drinks, if they were Indonesian drinks I would have probably tried it but the price would probably be different.
It would be great if they sold the avocado drink one day!

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