Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Great noodles and selection @ 碰碰麵撈麵專門店

This new noodle restaurant in Mong Kok is finally the place to settle for good food in the hustle and bustle of Mong Kok.

The decor is nice and relaxing as well.
They specialise in noodles in sauce and they offer deluxe noodles with abalone or sea cucumber as well.

Initially they reminded me of this noodle bar in Central called More than noodles, but this place turned out to be better and worth paying for.

The noodles that they offer are: prawn roe noodles, thin vermicelli and inaniwa udon.

Each noodle comes with a soup which is a choice of pigs stomach with pepper or seafood soup made with crab and prawns.
Crab and prawn soup:
I really liked this soup because the crab taste was really strong, you could taste and smell it.
White pepper and pork stomach soup:
The white pepper taste was extremely strong and it was very fiery.
Deep fried tofu skin coated with prawn patty:
The fried tofu skin was really crispy and delicate. It was basically a thin sheet of tofu skin with a thin layer of prawn patty spread on top and deep fried.
As the layer of prawn patty was thin, you could still taste the fried tofu skin as well.
Deep fried sweet and sour tofu puffs:
These were my favourite because the sweet and sour sauce was just right for me and not cloyingly sweet.
These tofu puffs were crispy as claimed, with a slightly chewy centre.
Trio side-dishes:
Chose the spicy lotus roots, egg with wine and black fungas.
The spicy lotus roots were nice and had plenty of sichuan spices.
Egg with prawn roe and sweet Chinese wine:
Initially I did not want to order this but after trying it, I did not regret because on top of the egg, they put sweet rice wine on it and there were also pieces of rice from the wine.
The taste of the wine was really nice.
The egg did not really absorb the wine but it was still nice because the rice from the wine gave it a nice sweet flavour.
Northeast black fungas:
The black fungas was the cutest I have ever seen because I did not know that these were a different variant to the normal ones.
They were smaller and the texture is nice.
Sea cucumber with prawn roe noodles:
As well as dried prawn roe sprinkled on top, the noodles also had prawn roe embedded in the noodle strands which gave it a nice taste.
The sea cucumber was lovely and soft covered with lots of dried prawn roe.
Prawn rolls with thin vermicelli:
The vermicelli was delicious because they were thin and the sauce adhered to every strand.
The vermicelli was tossed thoroughly before they were served.
Basically these noodles were not the abalone or sea cucumber set so you can choose other options which was quite good for $3X as you get soup and the noodles taste great.
Lime soda:
Lastly the soda was nice and refreshing because it was not sweetened and the bottled soda water was nice.

Overall I really liked this noodle place and I will come back again.


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