Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Purple rice crepe at Mr Bing

Went back for more Beijing street crepes because they had the purple rice crepe base and I have still not tried the Char siu bing.
Char siu bing:
As I have not tried this before I chose the green millet base so that I could taste the ingredients more.
The roast pork in the middle was really nice and the spicy radish was actually very spicy and went nicely with the pork!
The whole crepe was packed with flavours coming from the pork, radishes and the herbs.
Peking duck bing:
Menu description:roast duck, cucumber, leek, pickled ginger, duck sauce, egg, crisp.
Tried this before on the ordinary crepe, so this time chose the purple rice crepe.
This was also nice too because of the cucumber, duck and duck sauce which taste as good as the pancakes with duck and cucumber in China town.
I did not think I would like the pickled ginger in the pancakes but they were better than anticipated because they were not the usual sweet ones, they were slightly sour and refreshing.
Apart from the visual colour difference I could not really taste the purple rice, however there is a faint purple rice smell coming from it.

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