Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bubblicious dining with bubbly people

It was really good to attend a Bubblicious gathering organized by Pierside and a food publication.
The theme was a cute Bubble dinner with lots of bubbles incorporated in every course.
For mains there was beef or fish to choose from, both were irresistable and hard to choose!
It would be great to eat both because both had really attractive elements, for the beef it was beef cheek and foie gras and the fish was prized monkfish tail and sea urchin.
Monkfish is a prized as lobster tail and sometimes exceeds the value of lobster!

scallop carpaccio with black truffle jelly and champagne vinaigrette:
I really loved the cute diced truffle jelly on top, it just melted in my mouth and the strong truffle taste paired nicely with the scallop carpaccio.
The champagne vinaigrette could have been stronger because I could not taste it, but even though I did not taste it, the overall taste was extremely delicious.
double boiled crab bisque cappucino:
There was pretty foam on top just like cappuccino but the bubbles were bigger.
The soup beneath the foam was really hot and the consistency of the soup was slightly viscious with my favourite small chives.
The pieces of crab in the soup was really nice and the crab taste was strong.
seared monkfish tail rolled with prosciutto and sea urchin foam:
The main dish was beautifully presented with a piece of lushious carrot, fennal root, grilled courgette and blanched tender asparagus.
The monkfish was really delicious and succulent and paired with the refreshing sauce the monkfish was really appetizing flavoured by the prosciutto wrapped around it.
It was topped with the silkiest urchin and lovely light foam.
baked jumbo strawberry souffle:
The size of this souffle was huge and there were real pieces of strawberries in it.
There was a side of freshly made strawberry sauce which enhanced the souffle even more.
It was not too sweet and when you see it brought to you the size is stunning with the sweet pink colour.
home made petit four:
To finish off the petit four were really nice accompanied by a cup of tea!
French can can, brut N,V:

Although I do not drink wine, I tried both to see what they taste like, the French can can was nice and sweet and the brut was sharper.

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