Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FLAME roast chicken to rise to FAME

If your craving for a Nando's in Hong Kong, then you should come here!

Although the chicken does not tastes quite like Nando's in the UK, they offer Piri Piri chicken here!

There are two types of roast chicken: herbs or piri piri.
For Roast chicken lovers they can get their dose of roast chicken here and there are plenty of tables too with semi alfresco dining on a good day.
As well as FLAME there is also Chicken on the run and La Rotisserie but La Rotisserie is French.

FLAME is run by a few bubbly Brit guys who are really nice.

Apart from chicken they had lots of my favourite items such as coleslaw, chick pea salads and pies.
Piri piri chicken:
The colour of this is darker than the herb roasted chicken but the chicken itself is not that spicy, the piri sauce that comes with it is spicy so you can decide how spicy you want it.
The sauce is nice and thick with a strong bean taste.
The chicken was tender and juicy.
Mexican beans:
The beans were nice and big and it had a nice smokey BBQ taste with the occasional crunch of onions and pieces of chicken in it as well.
Roast potatoes:
These roast potatoes were divine because they were roasted in duck oil.
Herbs roasted chicken:
Although the piri piri was good, I liked this one more because of the herbs and aroma.
The chicken was nice and tender and the skin was nicely roasted.
There was extra herb oil to dip the chicken in as well.
The coleslaw was delicious, and the cabbages and carrots have been sliced finely taking in most of the flavour from the sauce.
I also tried the baguettes as well because they had the ploughman.
Ploughman's ciabatta:
Although it had proper pickles in it, I was disappointed with the cheese because it was not cheddar. The cheese they put in it was processed cheese which does not have as much taste as cheddar.
BBQ ciabatta:
The roast chicken in this ciabatta paired nicely with the BBQ sauce.
It was really moreish because the BBQ sauce was smokey and sweet giving the chicken flavour to its max.

I will definitely be back for more chicken and other stuff as the price is quite reasonable and you can dine here too.
Hopefully they will have proper cheddar in the ploughmans on my next visit.

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