Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hola to Tapaella grill at Kennedy Town

Located in Kennedy town is the Tapaella grill on Hau Wo Road where there are lots of eateries.
I have not had Tapaella in ages since Uno mas closed down so I was craving for Tapaella again.

When you enter this restaurant, there is a cocktail bar facing you, with tables either side, there are sofa seats as well.
The style of this restaurant is really nice which is Western style.
Tapaella grill is a really nice place to hang out with a group of friends because their portions are quite big compared to other Tapas places.

While we were waiting for the food, they will give you bread as a starter and there is a bottle of vinegar and olive oil for dipping the bread.
Traditional Spanish Vegetable cold soup:
This was the first time I tried the cold soup and it was lovely and refreshing, the soup was strong.
The taste was cooling and refreshing with a lovely mix of pureed red bell peppers and cucumbers in the soup and the julienne cucumbers and red bell peppers gave it more depth.
It is an ideal soup for the summer.
Ham & Chicken Croquettes
Compared to other spanish croquettes I have tried, I found these bigger and contained more meat in it.
Despite that there was lots of meat in it, it still remained silky and there was some potato in it.
Fried Potato with Spicy Tomato Sauce:
These pieces of potato were heavenly because they were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside sprinkled with paprika.
They tasted nice with or without the tomato sauce.
Deep-fried Squid Ring with Aioli Sauce:
The squid rings were tender but I found them slightly bland but they were compromised by the mayonnaise.
Sauteed Artichoke Heart in Olive oil and Garlic:
The artichoke heart was nice and tender with strong olive oil taste.
It was nice having a sauteed version because they are usually pickled and sour, however this one was mushy and had strong garlic taste.
Mixed green with orange, roasted green apple, Buffalo Mozzarella with Chef Dressing:
The salad was big and wholesome with refreshing apples and oranges to cleanse the palate, and the buffalo cheese was soft and delicate which paired nicely with the strong fruits and dressing.
Saffron flavored Spanish rice with variety of Seafood:
When this came, the smell was amazing, it was rich and the peas in it contrasted the redness of the rice.
The rice was in rich thick sauce with strong seafood taste and it was slightly bitter because there was strong white wine in it.
Pan-seared Sea Bass Fillet in white wine tomato broth with Fennel, Potato and Asparagus:
I loved the fish, it was tender and soft accompanied with tantalizing tomato sauce.
The potatoes which looked like mushrooms were delicious as well because the texture was lovely and the potato skin was gorgeous without being too dry.
The asparagus was nice and tender too.
Ginger Ale:
Compared to other ginger ales, the ginger taste was faint.
Refreshing Spanish Drink Sangria:
Although I did not order this I tried some and it was really nice and pleasant to drink for a drinker because the fruit juice taste in it is strong.

I will definitely be back with a group of friends to try the Spanish omelette and other items.

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