Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nicely grilled chicken with a twist @ SiuG

As a chicken lover I had to try this new place for chicken because on the reviews one of their chicken sounded attractive.

I was intrigued by the golden chicken mentioned in the previous reviews which had cheese and salted egg yolk.

When I got there, it was quite early so there was only two customers dining there.
The kitchen end had glass panels so you could see the chefs preparing the food.
The chairs were quite nice and reminded me of garden chairs in the UK.
The restaurant had a nice high ceiling too.
Basically they serve chicken and there are three main types: herb roasted, golden chicken, spicy chicken.

It reminded me of Heung Plus Chicken at North Point.
Anyway I ordered two chicken sets: the golden chicken and the spicy chicken, one with vegetable rice and the other with "silver silk vermicelli"

golden chicken:
The chicken was nice and tender and the chicken skin was crispy with some slight fat under the surface.
It tasted nice but I couldn't quite taste the egg yolk or the cheese.
spicy chicken:
As mentioned on the previous review, it was not spicy but the chicken was also nice and tender.
vegetable rice: The rice on its own was really nice, it was very garlicky and fragrant.
Each grain of rice was evenly coated with chicken oil.
The broth for this was quite salty, however the vermicelli was not really "Silver thread" because I have seen thinner strands of vermicelli before.

As a newly opened shop, I felt that the staff should have recommended which chicken was the best and what they are made with, especially the golden chicken because I only knew that it had cheese from reading the reviews.

I did not try the herb chicken so I asked about it and the captain seemed agitated about the question and just kept answering "usual herbs".

I was quite baffled by that attitude because this is the time when restaurants love to brag about how wonderful their food is and how famous their chef is.

I noticed the chicken bun so asked about that and the guy said the bun was from Sai Kung.
It was difficult to comprehend what the chicken bun looked like so I ordered that as well.
I tried to ask further about the SaiKung bun because I wasn't sure if I heard him say it was from the HK Sai Kung or the Vietnamese Saigon as they serve Vietnamese coffee as well.

Chicken bun:
When the bun arrived, I realised it was similar to the crispy bun. There are two major bakeries in SK, one is SK bakery which is Chinese style and the other nice one is Mushroom Bakery, so I hope it was from Mushroom bakery.
The plate that it was served on was a small square plate which made it difficult to handle. If the plate was round it might have been easier to handle.
The chicken in the bun was really nice and it was the thigh meat without the bone. It was grilled with herbs so I ended up trying the herbs one as well.
However I felt that there was too much onions and it tasted more prominent than the chicken.
The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

After paying the bill, the captain was not so secretive and told us that their chef was from Red Star which was great!

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