Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Delicious apple danish that was good

Walked past and was attracted by the apple danish so went in to get it and saw two other attractive items so got that too.
Sugar pon da ring: I had this one first because it had the lightest taste and it looked quite similar to the caramel one except that the white sugar was more prominent on this one.
The white sugar was not too sweet and I loved the chewyness of the pon de ring.
The inside of the pon de ring had a yeasty texture too.
Cranberry and cream cheese bun: The bun was quite pretty because it was light pink. The cranberry inside the bun was quite sweet which flavoured the cream cheese as well.
Luckily the bun was not sweet so the sweetness overall was just right.
There was no hollow gaps in the bun and it was solidly filled unlike Maxim's airy buns.
Apple and cream cheese danish: I was really looking forward to this but the danish pastry had gone slightly rancid.
The apple just tasted sweet which was disappointing because I would prefer it if it was slightly tart. If the cream cheese was replaced with unsweetened cream then it would have been perfect.

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