Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The secret touch to the Lamma Island marshmallows

I have always wanted to try these, but on my last visit to Lamma I could not find them.
These sweets must be really famous in Lamma, before I tried them I did not know what to expect because in Chinese they are meant to be marshmallows but in English they are called Peanut candy according to their labeling.

When I opened the bag, the smell of dessicated coconut was really nice and coconutty just like toasted coconut.

The texture of it was soft and nothing like a nougat, after I took a bite, it turned out to be marshmallow so the Chinese labelling/description is more accurate.

The marshmallows were lovey and soft with some chew to it.
This is the best marshmallow I have tasted. The coconut gave the marshmallow a really nice taste and there were pieces of peanuts in it too!

The big secret is the crispy crunch.
Most people think that the crunch comes from the peanuts which I almost did as well but it was not the peanuts.

After tasting it carefully I realized the crispy crunches were coming from pieces of toasted rice in it.
The marshmallow is a must get item from Lamma!!

After reading the reviews, it appears the price is roughly the same as four years ago, but you get fewer pieces per bag!

I wish I tried these marshmallows a few years ago!
Although they seem expensive, the taste is amazing, and they are slightly cheaper than a macaron.

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