Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The serenity of Piccolos in Sai Kung

Since I have given up with Chinese food in Sai Kung, I decided to get some Western food at the square.

I was choosing between Piccolos and Occo which are right next to each other but the ambience at Piccolos seemed better so I went there.
After I sat down, I saw that the tiles on the floor looked similar to the ones at Harringtons and Oolaa.

I was later told by the waitor that this restaurant and a few others in Sai Kung are also under Castelo concepts.

It never occurred to me to dine in their Sai Kung branches because the menu on their website was not up to date.

However, the prices are slightly cheaper than the other restaurants in the city and the portions are bigger too.

I ordered the all day breakfast burrito and while I was waiting, they gave me a local magazine to read, featuring the annoying Hiram's Highway that is famous for congestion and accidents.
breakfast burrito:
The burrito arrived and the size was huge! It was served with a side of rocket in vinaigrette dressing.
The burrito was filled with scrambled egg that had a vibrant yellow to it, and it also had tomatoes, bacon and sausage.
The burrito was really nice because the egg was just done right and there was a lovely egg aroma to it and the sausage slices made it meatier.
There was mango salsa in it too which I found a bit too sweet.
I would have liked it if it was more Mexican with refried beans or guacamole.
The breakfast came with a drink too which was not bad for around $1XX.

Customer service was quite good too, they provided a glass of water and they also have a heater if the locals feel cold!

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