Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentines sweetheart buns from Hot Shot!

I was surprised that the local convenient store had a special edition bun for Valentines day.

(They were still selling them on the 16th of February, the day I got them)

It was basically two heart shaped buns filled with chocolate paste.

There was a set that includes the hot chocolate drink and two buns for $13.
Sweetheart buns:
The appearance of these buns were the same as Chinese steamed buns, but they were pink and heart shaped. Part of the bun was slightly dry and hard.
If it was not dry and hard then the bun would have been perfect.

I suspect it was dry because they did not manage to sell all the buns on Valentines days, so they are selling the remaining stock.

The filling in the middle was thick chocolate paste that was not too sweet. The poster did not mention whether the filling was runny or not, so I did not have any expectations.
Anyway, I really liked it because it was a modernized Chinese bun filled with chocolate!

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