Monday, June 17, 2013

Back for more Parisian food

Le Bonbon de Paris (Sai Kung)

There is not much choice for food in Sai Kung, so Le Bonbon de Paris and Chip In have become my regular eateries.

This restaurant stays open late too while the local ones close early not that I would dine there anyway.

Since my last visit the menu has changed, there are some new drinks but my favourite berries tiramisu is not there because it is not popular with the locals!

The locals seem to have a different taste for Western food because they only try items that they've heard before.
Cheese and ham omelette

This time tried the cheese and ham omelette which was light and fluffy loaded with lots of ham and melted cheese inside.
The taste was nice especially with the melted cheese but I felt that there was too much ham.
There were lots of fragrant herbs on top of the omelette which made it very enjoyable too.
Lime tea

The drinks have got bigger, it was a huge glass this time!
The sweetness was just right but the lime taste was not strong enough but it did not have that nasty bitterness that the Chinese style teas have.
Strawberry milkshake

The strawberry milkshake was extremely cooling and they put a lot of cream in it when they made it.
The taste was very substantial and not watery and icy like other places, there was a good blend of fresh strawberries and cream in this milkshake.
The sweetness was just right and not cloyingly syrupy sweet.
If Sai Kung was not so inconvenient, I would dine here and at Chip In more often.

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