Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Buffet @ Neway Wan Chai

Neway Karaoke Box (Wan Chai)

Usually I go to CEO but when I got there, they said all the rooms on the buffet floor were booked and would not be available until 10pm which was ridiculous because it was only 5:40pm that day and there was nobody waiting at the lounge area.

On my previous visits the rooms were always available on the buffet floor.

Since I was allocated a room on a different floor I cancelled the booking as it was pointless paying for a room where you need to walk up and down, back and forth.

So I left this branch and went to the NEWAY on Hennessey Road. When I got there it was around 6:05pm and I was allocated an even better room a few steps away from the buffet area.

The price was slightly cheaper but only by $10.

As for the food, I did not expect it to taste as good as CEO but there were a few items that I liked.

Apart from the buffet, each room was given a plate of free noodles, which had about five different types of noodles on the plate with vegetarian sharks fin and sauce to mix it, but I felt that the sauce was too sweet.

My next favourite was the salmon and tofu soup, it did not have MSG.

As for the rest of the food, it was too salty.

They had quail eggs too but the yolk was still raw because when I was removing the shell, the yolk burst and the other quail yolk was semi cooked!!

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