Saturday, June 01, 2013

Summer rocks at Azure with vibrant dinners

Azure Restaurant Slash Bar (Central)

Thanks to 糖小妹 and Rhombus International Hotels Group for inviting to this summer tasting.

I have always wanted to try this restaurant and other restaurants under their group such as AVA splash bar.

The location of this couldn't be better, at the heart of LKF with magnificent views of Hong Kong.
I finally felt that the night views in HK were beautiful for once which I never felt before in this heavily polluted city.
The breath taking views were really dazzling and ‘Manhattan-like’ too as claimed.

It is an energetic place with white winding grand stairs leading up to the glitzy dining room which transforms into a swanky club at night.

Everyone there was beautifully dressed and all their staff were handsome and pretty too.

For the tasting we tried the menu designed by Executive Chef Roger Perez.

For $468 per person there is soup, seafood, mains, desserts, petit fours with tea/coffee.

The presentation of each course was wonderfully colourful but because the restaurant was so dimly lit you could not really see how truly colourful it was.
The mini macarons which I thought were brown turned out to be dark mauve after I used flash.
Tri coloured butter:

The butter has three layers, the green layer was pesto, the red layer was sundried tomatoes and the top layer was garlic which was great with their bread.
The breads were soft and delicious that I had two.
Foie gras mousse:

The Foie gras was extremely light and whipped, but the foie gras taste was strong and made into fine mousse.
I liked the glacier cherry on top because it gave it some sudden sweetness.
Almond Truffle Soup:Refined Almond Soup infused with White Truffles.

The soup was poured in front of you which keeps the croutons crispy and the lovely cress floated to the top giving a heart illusion.
I really liked this soup because it was the first time I tried soup with almond as a main ingredient.
It was finally grounded giving a rich, creamy and nutty texture.
It made me think of the Chinese almond dessert soup, but the this was a million times better as a savoury soup.
Fresh Oyster, Steamed Crab Leg & Steamed Shrimp Platter:
The seafood was presented nicely on a square bowl served on a bed of ice to keep them chilled.
The crab was salty because it was still in brine and the oysters came with appetizing red wine vinegar with garlic.
Mussels Ravioli:
Homemade Mussels & Shallotte Ravioli Served with Rose Sauce & Rosemary Caviar.

I was looking for to this because Ravioli is usually filled with mushrooms, cheese, truffle, lobster but mussels were a first time for me.
The rocket leaves and rich sauce were perfect with the mussel ravioli.
Veal Tenderloin & Rose petals:
Sous-vide Cooked Veal Tenderloin Served with Rose Petals Sauce, Caramelized Figs & Almond Mashed Potatoes

I loved the tenderloin, they were cut into thin slices and extremely tender because it was slow cooked, the rose gravy was natrual too.
Pistachio Lamb:
Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack Served with Pink Pine Nut Foam & Confit Root Vegetables

The lamb was soft and juicy and there no gameyness taste.
Strawberry Risotto:
Creamy Strawberry Risotto with a Hint of saffron.

It was really pretty when it arrived and I almost thought it was strawberry rice pudding.
The only other main dish I have tried with strawberries is the ribs in Strawberry sauce (Chinese style) which I did not like.
Anyway, the Strawberry risotto here was dreamy and most importantly NATRUAL and unsweetened.
There was a minty taste which I believe came from the leaves in the rice.
Deconstructed Raspberry Tart:Rich Raspberry Tart Served with Rose Petals Mousse & Parmesan Cheese Ice-cream

As the name suggests the tart was represented by the crumbs and each element was separated. Deconstructed means taking the parts of a dish and separating the individual components into a new usage. The pieces should be recognizable by themselves but when eaten together should bring about the idea of the original dish.
Here it was exactly that, you could see the raspberry mousse, tart element and the berries.
The centre was Parmesan Cheese Ice-cream and it was amazing, it was actually savoury with fine pieces of cheese in it that you could taste.
The raspberry mousse were the two halves of a sphere and the texture was quite firm with a strong raspberry taste.
Petit Four:

There was chocolates, mini macarons and chocolate puffs, all were perfect with tea.
The mini macarons were purple with the use of flash, but in the dimly lit room, they looked brown.
There was a strong lemongrass taste to it.

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