Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Grilled skewers for cumin lovers

On On BBQ (Mong Kok)

Before this tasting I already noticed this place because they had some really bizarre items such as grilled oysters with chocolate syrup and marshmallow crackers.

From the previous photos it was good that they had cumin on the table for cumin lovers.

Thanks to the communications team for inviting me to try their grilled foods as I do not usually eat grilled foods because there is sometimes a really strong charred taste that I do not like.
The grilled food here was actually nice and oil free.

Most of the items were really nice and seasoned with my favourite cumin!

Here was what we had 活動菜單 (Provided by the the lovely PR who is the one and only person who will translate for me an English menu if there is not one:
As we tried so many items, I have posted the photos of my favourite items.
燒雞泡魚乾 BBQ Dried Puffer fish:
The thickness was quite thick so it was hard and chewy.
烤獨家超滋味高級吊片魷 BBQ Shredded Cuttlefish:

This was quite nice because the cuttlefish was quite pungent.
惹味蒜蓉生燒茄子 BBQ Eggplant with Garlic & Chili Sauce:

There was so much chopped garlic on top of the aubergine and the spices complemented the aubergine quite well because the aubergine itself was quite bland and soft.
芝士煙肉通心粉釀蟹蓋 Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Cheese, Ham & Macaroni:

This was my favourite because not many places serve macaroni and cheese, and this was crab shell stuffed with it too.
The cheese was not that strong and the macaroni was too soft but it is worth trying.
The crab shells were clean and the coral pink colour was really pretty.
皇牌燒牛舌 BBQ OX Tongue:
The ox tongues were also good because they did not stink and the texture was like soft tender beef.
安安首創果占釀牛丸 BBQ Beef Balls Stuffed with Strawberry Jam:

They reminded me of the meatballs at IKEA so I was quite looking forward to trying these and the fact that I am not a beef lover, the jam overpowered the beef taste.
They have other jams available but strawberry was the best combination.
必食芝士蒜蓉燒生蠔 BBQ Oyster with Cheese & Garlic Sauce:
The cheese on the oyster was nice and stringy.
秘製醬燒雞中翼 BBQ Chicken Wing with Spicy Sauce:
The chicken wings were nice and soft.
必食火灸海膽墨魚串 Roasted Cuttlefish with Sea Urchin Sauce:

This was quite nice because the cuttlefish was scored before it was grilled and it had sea urchin brushed on top of it.
燒超美味一口甜薯 BBQ Mini Sweet Potatoes:

I loved these cute mini sweet potatoes, but some were slightly burnt.
燒甜美地捫菠蘿 BBQ Del Monte Pineapple:
This was very juicy and sweet.
燒鮮味海蜆(蒜蓉 BBQ Clams with Garlic:
Again this had tons of garlic on top.
頂級鹽燒多春魚 BBQ Capelin Fish with salt:
The fishes were grilled nicely and there was lots of roe inside.
安安爆爽豬頸肉 BBQ Pork neck meat:
The pork neck meat was quite nice and not too fatty or dry.
燒韮菜 BBQ Chinese Chives:
I have always wanted to try this but the chives were a bit too old, so they were a bit difficult to chew.
惹味醬燒金菇 BBQ Enoki Mushroom:

I really liked this because the mushrooms were piping hot covered in sweet satay sauce.
燒香甜粟米 BBQ Sweet Corn:
Did not try this,
燒一口午餐肉 BBQ Mini Luncheon Meat:

Although luncheon meat is really commonly found but I really liked it because it is not often grilled and sprinkled with cumin.
沙茶醬燒深海大墨魚咀串 BBQ octopus mouths:

This was my favourite with a nice crunch.
甜蜜脆脆燒棉花糖夾餅 BBQ Crackers with marshmallow filling:

I loved the crackers with marshmallow but if the chocolate sauce wasnt there, it would taste even better.

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