Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's all about being healthy and natural

arome Bake & Drink 東海堂 (Kowloon Bay)

Thanks to Arome Bakery for inviting me to their cakes, freshly baked items and drinks at this one and only branch that serves drinks at the moment until they open the second bake and drink branch at LCX soon.

This branch has been opened for quite a few months but I never got round to try it even though I had quite few tastings around there.

At the tasting session, they showcased the new drinks, Cake little series and their freshly baked items.

The Cake little series were fruity, colourful and fun.
There was one that looked like a strawberry and one that looked like a grape!
It was amazing that as well as the appearance it also tasted nice and not artificial.

CAKE Little series
Mixed Berries-go cake little:

The presentation of this was really nice, it was like a big fuzzy strawberry .
When it was cut open, there was strawberry sauce in the middle which flowed out.
The taste of this was refreshing and it was mainly mousse and cake.
Kyoho Grapes cake little 巨峰の季節:

I have to admit the Kyoho grape items I have tried in the past such as drinks and candies were so artificial so I assumed this one would be the same, but it was not.
The Kyoho grape taste was really light and natural and the chocolate sponge in the middle paired with it nicely.

In the middle, there was a kyoho grape too
Kumamoto Melon Jelly cake little:

The presentation of this melon cake was quite cute, it looked like half a melon on top, but the top was made of clear light green jelly with chunky pieces of melon in it with the cake beneath it.
I was surprised by this melon cake because I have never liked the green melon because it has a strange unami taste which goes well with ham but it tasted nice with this cake.
The sweetness was just right and the jelly was not too sweet.
The pieces of melon were mushy and soft which worked with the type of jelly they used.

In the middle, there was delicious cake and cream to balance it out.
I definately recommended this cake because it was natrual and not as fattening compared to the mousse cakes.
Okinawa Pineapple & Orange Mousse cake:

This was my next favourite cake because it was a refreshing combination of orange and pineapple, and the layers inside it were nice especially the orange and pineapple mousse.
White Peach Mousse cake little:

The taste of this cake was much lighter but creamier because it had hokkaido milk in it.
At this branch, they have pontikeges and breads, I loved the cheese bread but my favourite was the onigiri bun.

Onigiri Bun:

This is a savoury bun and the pieces of grounded rice on top were delicious.

There were so many choices and for each drink you could have a choice of red beans, aiyu jelly, kanten jelly, pudding to put in it!
In the end I chose the chocolate with pudding in it and the taste of the chocolate was really nice because it did not have a powdery or strong cocao aftertaste.
The pudding at the bottom was really really nice with a strong caramel taste.

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