Saturday, June 01, 2013

Great cottage pie at Lamma

Jing Jing Bar (Lamma Island)

While I was stuck on Lamma Island looking for food I chose this place because there was Cottage Pie and it was reassuring because lots of expats were dining there.

The other items on the menu were the usual pub grub.

There was the tuna patty burger but it was sold out that day and the oven baked breakfast looked appealing because not many places serve that.

The prices were reasonable too and slightly cheaper than dining in Central, Sai Kung and Wan Chai for the same kind of food.

I was surprised it was not listed on OpenRice and it took quite a few times to get it listed to their database!

On my first visit, I tried the Cottage pie and on the second visit I tried the All day breakfast.

Cottage pie:

When it came, it just looked really authentic, I loved the browned top on the cottage pie.
The mashed potato was really silky with a hint of cheese and the mince below it was gorgeous infused with light herbs.
There were diced carrots and fresh vibrant green peas on top.
Anyway I really loved it because it tasted and reminded me of the cottages pies at school.
All day breakfast:
I don't know why I chose scrambled eggs but they were scrambled nicely. The piece of patty in the middle that looks like a burger is actually their homemade hash brown.
It was the highlight of the breakfast because the potato pieces in it were nice and there were pieces of crunchy vegetables in it.
The bacon was crisp and not too salty.

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