Sunday, June 16, 2013

Queen Victoria rules for Cornish pasty

The Queen Victoria (Wan Chai)

Ever since I found out about the Cornish Pasty, I have been itching to go but this place is always packed with people.
Finally went on a quiet day and ordered the Cornish Pasty.

Cornish pastry with mash and vegetables:
A Cornish pasty is a pasty filled with beef, diced potato, onion and swede seasoned with salt and pepper, and is baked.

I did'nt read the menu properly when ordering, otherwise I would have chosen chips and beans or green peas.

The Cornish pasty was just sensational because the diced potatoes and swede were so delicious but a tad too salty.
The pasty was flaky and light but the sides were a bit thick.
The mash had a lot of butter in it.

Went here again to have it with chips and beans, but the chips were disappointing as usual because they are always overdone or they look like they have been refried (the type of Chips the Hong Kong people like).


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