Monday, June 24, 2013

山東餃子館 : fennel dumplings

山東餃子館 (Sham Shui Po)

On the window outside it showed a variety of dumplings and skewers so decided to go in and to try them.

Fennel dumplings:

They were a bit disappointing because the fennel taste was light which is probably good for people who do not like fennel or havent tried it before.
Here you get 10 dumplings for $30 which is the cheapest compared to the other two places I have tried.
My issue with these dumplings is that the fennel is old and dry which was why they lacked the fennel aroma.
There was also a twinge of sourness in the dumplings.
I did not like the pork because it had pieces of unchewable bits in it such a tendon and parts of pork that your meant to throw away.
Lastly the dumplings were quite salty.
I think I should have ordered the lamb skewers and boiled sweet potato leaves.
The two other places which I have tried Fennel dumplings:

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