Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back for omurice

Kitsu No Heya (Sheung Wan)

Ever since my first visit at this branch I have been meaning to go back but they are closed on Sundays.

On this visit I intended to get the squid omelette with sea urchin but they must have heard the seafood because they gave me seafood instead.
I paid $10 extra for the semi cooked egg

Even though it was not what I ordered, the seafood one turned out to be quite decent.

I chose Tom Yum Kung sauce which tasted quite nice with the squid omelette and not as bad as they suggested.

The portion was bigger because it was the semi cooked egg version.

It had lots of vegetarian sharks fin in it that was glistening.

There were lots of prawns and finely sliced abalone mushrooms in it.
The tom yum kung sauce was light and not too spicy.

Correct location:
While I was dining there, they said people could not find this shop because the address on the photo below is different from the one on openrice......


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