Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nice rice rolls with fried dough sticks

新華粥品 (Wan Chai)

I did not realise this was a new shop.
Vaguely in my mind, there was a congee shop in this area and they had interesting things such as sweetcorn and egg in the ricerolls according to IVYCWK’s review which was why I wanted to try it.
When I got there, they did not have it on the menu so I thought they stopped it.

Anyway, I tried the rice rolls and there were two types, one was freshly made to order and the others were fresh but made some time ago.
The freshly made ones were more expensive and the other ones such as BBQ pork rice rolls were also cheap at $13 per dish.
The congee also is also freshly cooked!

Rice rolls with dough sticks:

The big plate of rice rolls were extremely cheap, they were only $10 and if you order it with a meal it only costs $6.
The fried dough inside WAS EXTREMELY delicious.
I was not sure if I was lucky the oil was fresh or whether it will be this good next time.
The fried dough inside was soft and the centre of it was clearly white indicating fresh oil and that it was not fried twice.
The rice roll wrap was nice and thin and the it was so delicious you could taste the natrual dough stick taste which is usually covered by the oil taste.
Freshly made rice rolls with dried shrimp and spring onions:

The rice roll sheets were nice and thin, and the spring onions on top were sliced finely and fresh because they were still green and not dehydrated.

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