Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kagoshima sweet purple potato crystal Zongzi

Arome Bakery (Tseung Kwan O)

Just like the mooncakes, where the traditions have been broken with snowy mooncakes.

There is now a sweet version of Zongzi that is ready to eat.
It was introduced last year but I did not get a chance to try it because they came in a pack of three with only one flavour I liked.

Kagoshima sweet purple potato crystal Zongzi:
At Arome Bakery, they come in single flavours in packs of twos so I was able to get the flavour I liked.

After removing it from the vacumn sealed pack, it is wrapped in dried leaves just like the usual Zongzi's.
The size of these Zongzi's are slightly smaller.

When I removed the leaf wrapping, the appearance was slightly different from their product shot.
On the product shot there is purple filling incased within the crystal clear exterior.
It was just a purple mass when I unwrapped it, the Zongzi stuck to the leaf wrapping and got deformed hence it did not come out as a perfect tetrahedral shape.

The taste was not bad, and the filling was slightly starchy with a hint of sweet purple potato taste.
The sweetness was just right and not as cloyingly sweet as this other brand I tried but the leaf wrapping was a bit oily.

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