Saturday, June 22, 2013

Secret taste! Secret Location!

Secrettaste (Causeway Bay)

I am beginning to like private kitchens because you get to discover every nook and cranny of Hong Kong!
Places where you thought a restaurant could not exist, it could be a private kitchen!!

Private kitchens are becoming more popular these days as more people are readily accepting them as restaurants just like those upstairs retail shops.

So far this is my favourite private kitchen, I think I like it because it is converted from an old residential flat, the ones that have three floors without an escalator.

As it has been opened for two months, I like the privacy as not many people know about it so far.
Ideally at the moment, it is great for public figures (公眾人物) to dine here or for them hold parties and celebrations such as the completion of filming (慶功宴).

Anyway, here was what we tried which is about $350 per person with no 10% service charge and corkage fee.

I was extremely impressed with the portion size because I was full after all that!

Pan-Fried Watermelon & Wrapped sea urchin mousse

Even though I don't like watermelon, I have always wanted to try pan-fried watermelon after seeing it on some food show before.
It basically tasted the same as uncooked watermelon and it was still crisp.
I liked the spring onions, garlic and crushed peanuts that garnished it, because it got rid of that weird watermelon taste.
The other piece was sea urchin foam wrapped in filo pastry which was extremely light and delicate and the sea urchin in the middle has a faint taste of crab.
Parma Ham & Black Truffle Salad

To be honest it was proscuitto ham and not parma ham as it was softer and not so waxy.
The proscuitto was quite salty but with the salad, the taste balanced and the portion of this as a starter was really generous.
Cream of Mushroom Soup

It was cream of mushroom soup which is commonly served in lots of restaurants these days.
The foam on top just differentiated it from the rest and something that will make me remember this place.
It added a touch of gastronomy and sophistication (高雅) to the soup.
The truffle on top enhanced the flavour of the soup but if the soup was not that salty it would taste better.

Roasted Chicken Asparagus Roll with Goose Liver

The presentation was marvellous, every corner and area of the plate was decorated.

The liver that they put in the middle was really velvety and soft which is achieved by using liver pate.
I was really impressed with these chicken rolls especially with the golden roasted skin on the outside and juicy chicken on the inside complemented with sweet asparagus and rich liver.
The roll was made with chicken thigh meat too which is nice and tender.
Pasta in carbonara sauce with sesame and peppered scallop

The pasta surprised me as well because the sauce was really nice, it had lots of bacon and onions which gave it a lovely smoky and sweet taste.
The sauce was also made with sesame and pepper.
On top there was a seared scallop too.
Chocolate Mousse:
The appearance of the mousse was slightly different from the usual mousses.
It had a lumpy surface.

After trying it, I realised there were pieces of chocolate sponge cake in it which gave it more depth and dimension.
The icecream on the side was equally as good because it had pieces of dark chocolate in it.
The portion size of this dessert was reasonably big.
At the moment I would choose this place as my favourite private kitchen because the environment is good and the portions are big and suitable for guys.

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